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These past few weeks have taught and shown me a lot in what I am able to accomplish and develop further with myself, whilst also working on my personal development as well. I lost my job, refused job offers and considered returning back to University. But instead of dwelling on what if, why didn’t I or should have done this I decided to shape myself up. If I were to sit around and let my mental health get the better of me I don’t know what I’ll do.

I am a strong believer of things happen for a reason and fortunately, certain circumstances occurred which resulted in me to push myself and not let my mental health fully take over me. For those who suffer from mental health, my advice is to you is to embrace, adapt and control it. I don’t like to think of mental health as a negative but more of a positive.

For instances, if you say mental with a cheery/positive tone like ‘that is so mental’ or you are a mental person. You begin to feel yourself changing for the better, it’s turning the negative perceptions of mental health and changing them into positives. Positives that makes you have mental feelings as if you’ve just done a skydive, witnessed a thrilling moment, accepting that things happen for a reason.

Something that makes you want to shout ‘that was mental’ but about yourself. People suffer from mental health in their own ways and interpretations, it’s how you embrace, adapt and control the mental quirks that you see in your own health that makes you stronger.
To those who feel down and like you have nothing left to accomplish, don’t let little things worry you and keep doing things that you enjoy doing because hey?! You can’t please everybody but as long as you can please yourself that’s all that matters. For me, that is all things digital marketing, creative design and social media for small independent businesses within local communities.

As a result, my risk that I took paid off as I was granted a fund from my former university, Leeds Trinity University to help kick start my business Visco, which is a great achievement in itself as I have managed to succeed in some interesting and potential clients. VISCO – Visual Communication, is slow and steady working progress as I am putting my clients first before my own needs.

Which reminds me, I have had the pleasure to rebrand and refresh one of my favourite places to have worked for and share it for all to see. I have worked for Jackaboos for 6 years now and it is thanks to Jackaboos I will always have loyalty to them and that is because they helped shape me to kick start my marketing career back in 2013 to take on their marketing performance. And who knew I had the skills to really revamp a website for them – Jackaboos Playgym ???? please visit the website and let me know your feedback as these web skills are still new me ???? #dontbeharsh

And remember when you fall down, fall down in a style that makes you want to shout ‘now that was MENTAL’ or else you’ll look a mess but then again if you’re messy that’s just what makes you, you???? #dothethingsyoulove #loveyourself

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