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The struggle of finding work is unreal, especially if you don’t have any previous work experience. We’ve all been there, but here at VISCO Agency, we want to give people the break that some of us have never had.

We have taken on board a handful of students from Leeds Trinity University these past few weeks, to help them gain relevant employability skills. The students, are studying a variety of subjects including business, Film and English studies, and have completed their first week, with only have four to go.

Director Thomas Haigh said: “The reasons why I agree to take students on for placement opportunities, is because being a student once myself, I know how the employment game works, and what employers look for in a potential applicant. I was given the opportunity to work and create effective marketing campaigns for my first job, and this resulted in my employer becoming a client of VISCO Agency. I now give the same opportunities for students to sink their teeth into”.

Supporting VISCO Agency with existing clients, the students have researched and analysed their brands; suggested potential improvements and will start to plan innovative campaigns.

It has been a fantastic week. Everyone brings their individual skills and uniqueness to the table. It is great to see all the students communicating and ensuring that tasks are completed.

Journalism student Samantha, our Content Editor added: “From the get-go, this has been a great experience, not only were we made to feel welcome, but any guidance we’ve needed has been given with a moment’s notice. I can’t wait to develop my skills further and put them to the test“.

It will be interesting to see how all the students collaborate together on upcoming projects and to see how their skills develop.

Lucy, an English & Media student, is VISCO Agency’s Digital Marketing Strategist. She said: “This has been an eye-opening experience as I wasn’t aware of what was involved in terms of freelance work. I’m really looking forward to learning more about digital marketing these next few weeks”.

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