Your brand reputation and awareness of the products and services you provide to your public audience are crucial. Your brand needs to maintain an exceptional presence through media & PR relations, marketing communications and PR campaign events.

Media & Public Relations

We supply our PR expertise to support your brand and perception. Building and maintaining professional and positive relationships with the media to expand network connections.

Our PR Strategists help build those connections and relationships with industry-leading Press & Media. Our PR Strategists help increase your brand’s reputations and awareness through online PR as digital media has become an impactful element. With so many online websites and news platforms that target niche individuals with a specific interest, your targeted campaigns will help raise awareness of your brand.

Working very closely with the SEO team, the PR Strategists help to improve on your link-building and increase traffic to your website.

Marketing Communications

Our campaign planning and management are creative and targeted. When launching your brand, product or service, our PR Strategists will thoroughly plan and strategise your message.

Creativity and development design is what drives our Strategists to bring your brand to life throughout the digital world and physical. Our Strategists create and design campaigns that are delivered across multiple channels and communicated effectively.

Our Strategists are skilled in media planning, digital and social media and enable effective marketing communications strategies to support your brand and business objectives.

Events Management

Events can be both a physical turn-out and a digital turn-out, the delivery of your event, well that’s up to you. Whether you’re launching a new product, a live webinar or a celebratory event, our team will create and plan to your requirements.

Our team have 5+ years of events management skills and experiences to plan and deliver events from small scale product launches to large corporation ceremonies. Working closely with the Creative Design team, your event is conceptualised with creativity and visual assets to showcase your brand.

Using our connections and network database of venues, caterers and entertainers, our team takes the stress off your hands to plan your event in the best strategic way.

PR, Campaigns & Events PORTFOLIO